Quality policy

The most important objective of the BME Innovation and Knowledge Centre of Information Technology - BME (IT)² is forging a partnership between academia and industry with outstanding research and development activity and innovation, thus enhancing the R&D programmes of enterprises, bolstering the economic and technical development of the region and consequently improving the economic competitiveness of Hungary.

BME (IT)² fulfils its duties in full conformity with the statutory and contractual obligations, as well as other regulations, and as a result of its conscientious and organised work, meets the demands of its partners to a full extent.

To this end, we use an MSZ EN ISO 9001:2001 compliant quality management system. Quality assurance tasks are dealt with by the quality manager vested with the necessary scope of authority. The management is deeply committed to quality and requires all its colleagues and partners to comply with the quality regulations.

BME (IT)² believes that highly trained researchers with up-to date knowledge are indispensable to high quality technology and application development. Therefore, the continuous training and self-education of its colleagues are not only required, but also supported. Their progression, mental outfit are follow up.

The cornerstone of our quality management system is the presentation of an optimal outcome. For that reason, we require that our partners and suppliers also comply with quality regulations, and perform their obligations on time. Therefore we constantly monitor our partners and assess them on the basis of how they fulfilled their obligations. In the long run, we intend to co-operate only with those who conform to our quality standards.

For the sake of continuous development, we reveal the discrepancies in our processes and see to their resolution. We also see to it that our colleagues and partners get to know and understand our quality policy, that they apply it in their everyday work, and that they be aware of their role and importance in achieving the quality objectives.

At the same time, it is our ambition to make our colleagues aspire to quality work.