The favourable tradition of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME) and that of its partners has given rise to the strategic goal of the BME Innovation and Knowledge Centre of Information Technology at aiming to enhance the competitiveness of the region, and in a wider context, that of the Hungarian economy by stepping up the knowledge content of products and services, creating knowledge-intensive jobs and increasing the number of technology-intensive small and medium sized enterprises in the field of information technology and its applications.

A direct means of achieving this strategic goal is exploiting the results of the joint R&D programmes in actual market economy application development projects. The jointly developed, continuous and focused R&D programmes, in addition to reaping new scientific achievements, value-added applications (products and services alike) and major economic developments, also forge and reinforce the frameworks of co-operations in the field of technology transfer-based innovation. They also provide their participants with a source of revenue, thus lay the economic foundations of sustainable long-term financial support.


The results of the Knowledge Centre exert a positive impact on university training and education, as well as on the modernisation of the curriculum. By taking part in the work of the Knowledge Centre, BSc, MSc and PhD students gain first-hand experience and insight into up-to-date and relevant industrial practices.