Human-machine interface

Head of programme: Dr. László Szirmay-Kalos, professor, BME IIT

his research programme deals with the general questions of interaction between human users and computer systems, visual and sound interfaces and the ergonomy of instantly comprehensible ways of conveying information. However, it focuses on real-time three dimensional (3D) imaging. The practical implementation of real-time 3D systems still poses a problem both in the field of storage capacity and in computing speed. However, realistic imaging and ‘telepresence’ could have breakthrough results in various fields, such as detecting and manipulating dangerous situations. An equally important domain of exploitation is the realistic representation of models and plans, and the blending of real and imaginary worlds (e.g. cinematographic applications, virtual pursuance of architectural desgns, and realistic animation of medical imaging). This research programme aims at developing new algorithms and methods of realisation.

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